Our Campus

From game studios, to venues, to boardrooms and film sets, our classrooms are designed to look and feel like industry production environments – because they are.

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Acres of Learning Space
Live Performance
Studios & Labs
  • Cintiq Lab

    3D Arts Center

    Animation Classroom

  • Student Sets

    The Soundstages

    Film Backlot

  • UX Lab

    Blackmoor Studios

    Fab Lab

  • Treehouse

    Recording Studio

    Audio Temple


Because of key relationships with companies and experienced professionals, the Full Sail campus has been host to everything from music video shoots to gaming competitions – all providing unique opportunities for our students.
  1. UX Lab
    This lab teaches students the usability process as they take on real projects with real clients
  2. Live Venue
    At the heart of the Full Sail campus and home to a wide variety of live events
  3. Game Studios
    Professional studio environment dedicated to student game projects
  4. Entertainment Business Center
    A central location on campus for lectures, networking, and meetings
  5. Mix Palace
    One-on-one audio production suites for students to practice mixing
  6. Library
    Students go here to research, relax, and check out current and classic films
  7. Film Backlot
    Allows students to explore storytelling with numerous exterior locations like New York and the French Quarter
  8. FabLab
    Designed for students to build complex physical models using 3D printing technology
  9. Film Soundstages
    Full Sail’s campus features 10 soundstages professionally equipped for film and digital production
  10. 3-D Arts Center
    Traditional art studios and computer labs for Full Sail’s visual artists and animators
  11. Treehouse
    The Treehouse - an intimate, on-campus venue that hosts club meetings, acoustic performances, lectures, and open mics.